Monday, 25 October 2010

NET Bible

I came across this site by accident a few days ago.  It is a must for anyone doing serious Bible study, either for personal reasons or for academic courses.  It contains a  fresh up-to-date translation together with detailed notes on the Greek or Hebrew original and the problems facing a translator.  Along with the text you can access the Authorized Version if you want to make comparisons , and it has extensive marginal references, notes in the names of biblical characters, and even hymns that are traditionally associated with a particular text, together with immediate access to Strong's concordance and Nave's notes.
It is a sort of theological library on one site.  There are literally tens of thousands of notes, references and theological articles.  It will save you a great deal of searching and bother.
The best way to access the biblical text is to go to; and then go to Net bible, and then go to down load Net bible.  

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  1. thanks for the nice comments on the NET Bible online study tool.
    Correction: the best way to get to the NET Bible on line study tool as described above is to go to and on the NET Bible tab select online NET Bible or you can just go go
    the download NET Bible link will download the NET Bible by itself so you can install it on your computer
    /s/ David Austin exec director of